Weichai diesel generator installation time need to pay atten

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First of all, weichai power generating sets in indoor use must guide the exhaust pipe diameter must be greater than or equal to the muffler pipe diameter and elbow should not exceed 3 ensure exhaust flow and pipe down 5-10 degrees, prevent the rain water injection; If the exhaust pipe installation must be equipped with vertical rain cover. To mean effective pressure, increase the output power of diesel generator set cylinder capacity and a certain number of the only force more air into the cylinder cylinder combustion of diesel fuel in order to improve the unit of diesel generating sets of generating units turbocharger exhaust requirements more stringent, once the exhaust not smooth or exhaust velocity can not meet the requirements in the air into the cylinder can be reduced by diesel generating sets and reduce the load capacity.
Around the second, weichai power generators should be kept clean, avoid placed in nearby can produce goods the acid and alkali corrosion of gas and steam. Conditional extinguishing equipment.
Third, the installation location is well ventilated weichai power generators diesel generator terminal should have enough into the tuyere end should be a good way. Tuyere area should be greater than the tank area of more than 1.5 times, blocked or do not conform to the requirements to the intake air cylinder which will result in less fuel in the cylinders without a full load capacity of carbon deposition of diesel generator set; The same exhaust pipe does not conform to? Oxygen reduction will lead to the fuel in the cylinders of air in a room without a full load capacity of carbon deposition of diesel generating sets.
Fourth, based on the use of concrete in the installation must have basic level feet measured level is fixed. Between units and base should have a special buffer or anchor bolt.
Fifth, shell element must have a need to have a reliable earthing protection of the directly connected to the generator neutral point a professional must ban the use of city of neutral grounding and lightning protection device the electrical connection in the neutral point grounding device. Two-way switch .
Sixth, generators and power must be very reliable transmission. The reliability of the two-way switch needed by the local power supply department.

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