The Chinese New Year advocate letter: electricity use safety

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The Spring Festival is coming, during the Spring Festival, because the temperature is still low, together with friends and family party, a large number of high-power electrical appliances of intensive use, will make the jump power load.
China quan electric power co., LTD. Is a reminder to all the citizens and enterprises of enterprises and institutions.
"Celebrate the Spring Festival at home the citizens to prevent arbitrary network connecting wires, especially some old houses, itself is not big, the capacity of the power distribution line diameter is small, it is easy to occur the electric fires. Families with children to remind children don't touch the wire, not to set off fireworks and firecrackers near the high voltage power transmission and distribution lines and transformers, avoid disaster. And for households out of for the feast, to ensure that people from electricity is broken."
"The staff of shandong hua quan power co., LTD., a staff member, warned.
For large industrial commercial electricity customers, China an all-electric warm reminder, during the festival, the electricity load relative usually have larger growth, transmission and distribution equipment loads, various industrial and mining enterprises, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, railway stations, airports, theaters and other places of entertainment should be first examined this unit's power supply circuit and the working condition of equipment is normal, if there is a hidden trouble should be quickly arrange professional and technical personnel to exclude or send professionals to exclude power supply hotline call application.
Many factories or commercial units have specialized computer rooms as data centers.
Machine room equipment involves the production and business operation, the safe operation of the public services, and to ensure during the Spring Festival cases, normal operation of power grid interrupt the power supply, you should start the holiday room security plan, ensure the safe operation of the machine room.
Industries such as Banks or supermarkets, including headquarters and branches, need to be coordinated.
Hua quan electric power co., LTD. Is a professional generator manufacturer, with abundant experience in power solution, it is recommended that you make the following arrangement.
1, real-time monitoring, the organization is designed.the room power outage situation and situation of battery discharge and residual voltage changes in real-time monitoring, abnormal report to inform;
2, personnel on duty: during the Spring Festival every day arrange personnel on duty, on duty personnel must be familiar with the generator business operations, and will power and generator operation timely report and technical maintenance center communication;
Knowledge training: the technical maintenance center will conduct training on the operation of generator set before the festival and support and guide the generation of power generation.
4, unit maintenance: first technology center organization personnel inspection on generator set maintenance, focusing on generator engine oil, storage battery, water tanks and oil inspection, to ensure that the equipment performance is good.
China's all-electric power generation unit adopts the famous brand engines such as yuchai, cummins, Volvo, perkins and weichai, and has all its own r&d motor production.
China all-electric power, provide power solution, help your business.
The Spring Festival is coming, and electricity is safe to remember.
Happy Spring Festival to everyone from China, big chicken!
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