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On November 28, beautiful, warm wind blow gently, qilu equity trading center in shandong weifang economic and technological development zone enterprises focus on opening ceremony in weifang new rich jia yue hotel conference center was held successfully.
Ceremony, including full power co., LTD. Shandong China (equity, full power, stock code 171006, listing price 8.10 yuan), 27 quality enterprises from development zone land qilu equity capital market success.
Weifang economic development zone, secretary of the party working Meng Xiaolei, qilu equity trading center Shao Chengkui, chairman of the board of supervisors, weifang zhang xinghua deputy director of the finance office, wang deming, director of the economic zone is vice secretary of departments, such as main leaders attended the opening ceremony.
At the ceremony, shao chenggui, chairman of the qilu stock exchange center board of supervisors, gave a bottle to the 27 companies listed in the listing.
The stock exchange center away the listed corporate souvenirs designed for national ceramic art master Mr He Yan qilu equity for commemorative bottle, celadon "cow", smooth the enterprise development, and future.
A strategic cooperation agreement was signed by zhang zuzhi, a member of the economic and trade commission of the economic zone and deputy director of the executive committee of the governing council.
Qilu equity trading center, weifang, financial department, weifang's group, main leadership and development zone economic development zone management committee, head of the department or street, listed companies, intermediaries, such as, head of a total of more than 200 people attended the opening ceremony, common witness 27 companies gong opened!
Learned, full power co., LTD. Is located in shandong province, shandong province, China carried out west street XinZheng weifang economic and technological development zone industrial park, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, with all kinds of generator set research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service as the main business.
Since its establishment in October 2010, China has been working hard to grasp the quality, strengthen the management, scientific operation, and realize the rapid rise of the enterprise.
At present, represented by diesel generator set, China all brand series products not only sell well all over the country and exported to nearly 40 countries and regions in the world, annual sales of more than 2000 sets, become a international visibility and influence of the generating set production suppliers.
Since last year, the company has been focusing on the overall requirements of "high level, high standard, high starting point and large scale", and has fully launched the qilu equity listing.
For the successful listing, the company general manager Mr Zhao Lizeng appears very excited, he said, "this fully demonstrates the government, market and society from all walks of life to China full power work affirmation and recognition in recent years. We will order (listed) as an opportunity to make persistent efforts, improve management, strengthen the innovation, optimization of cooperation, create brilliant".
And qilu equity trading center (hereinafter referred to as "qilu shares exchange center") is the only regional equity trading market in shandong province, and service content is mainly manifested in providing financing services, equity (creditor) listed registration transfer and cultivation incubation, etc., to promote the normative development of micro enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises in the province, and encourage scientific and technological innovation, activate the folk capital, service the real economy, playing an increasingly important role.
According to qilu issued stock exchange center, trading center was established six years has achieved 1023 listed enterprises, the market value of more than 36 billion yuan, 1168 managed enterprises, features more than 5000 enterprises, has helped push the member enterprises to achieve direct or indirect financing of nearly 30 billion yuan, and become the only one domestic docking with the new three board to establish mass transfer mechanism of the market.
At present, 37 companies have successfully transferred to the new three boards through the qilu stock exchange center, and one enterprise has been listed on the shenzhen stock exchange.

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