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HQ cloud platform Start a new era of remote management

China the whole cloud

What is the HQ cloud platform?

HQ cloud platform, which is based on Internet on-line remote monitoring and control the generating set switch and all the wisdom CMM366 cloud monitoring communication module and computer/software platform of mobile phone.

Simply stated, with the HQ cloud platform, users can install software on the computer/mobile phone, remotely monitor and control the generator set online.

Functions overview

China the whole cloud

Start/close (generator set)
GPS positioning
Video monitoring
Oil pressure measurement
To measure the temperature
Test the battery voltage
Automatic memory failure record
A security alert

China the whole cloud

The HQ cloud platform _ features advantages

1.The phone can remotely control the start and stop of the generator set.

2.The user or manufacturer can remotely monitor the operation of the generator set.

3.The mobile phone is monitoring the temperature of the generating set, the hydraulic fuel level, the battery voltage and the running time.

4.The three-phase voltage, the three-phase current, the frequency (HZ), and the city electricity can be viewed remotely.

5.To automatically store the record of the generator set, provide the data details for the maintenance, and remind the user to maintain the data in time.

6.GPS unit can be used to check the location of the unit and prevent theft.

7.There is a safety alarm device, which can be used for the first time when the unit fails.

Using the system, will provide a safe and efficient operation of generating set largest facilitation, reduces unnecessary intervention, is conducive to the performance persistence and prolong service life of the machine.
And, more importantly, realize the generating set manufacturer and sell directly, effective and reliable interaction, through the camera (which requires user license) of all type of generating unit using a state, can be done in China, all the technical staff, to realize the direct man-machine dialogue, ensure that the generator can get the most timely and convenient repair and maintenance services.
In addition, remote monitoring reduces the cost of manual administration and reduces the frequency and cost of on-site control.

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