Function upgrade, power supply more efficient! The mine uses the Huaquan container generator set to send to Zambia

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        Recently, the mine specially built by Huaquan Company for customers has finished production with container generator sets, which will be sent to Zambia soon.

        Compared with the traditional generator set, Huaquan container generator set used in the mine has been further improved in appearance design, performance improvement and safety guarantee.

        The design of Huachun container generator set used in the mine pays attention to the unification of aesthetics and practicality, and adopts advanced technologies in the fields of acoustics, aerodynamics, etc., to fully guarantee the silence of the container and ensure the stable operation of the unit.

        The Huachuan container generator set used in the mine has the characteristics of excellent material selection, rich configuration, intelligent operation, environmental emission and so on. It can start by itself to effectively protect the electric power safety of users.

        In order to ensure the ventilation effect of the unit, the mine uses the Huaquan container generator set with electric blinds, which can automatically adjust the Angle according to the air volume, so as to provide the appropriate temperature for the normal operation of the unit and effectively extend the service life of the unit.

        Huaquan container generator set used in mine field is equipped with auxiliary power cabinet for firewood generation, which can meet the demand of electric equipment in hold. In order to ensure the safety of personnel and units, special escape lights, emergency exhaust fans, fire valves and fire extinguishers are set up in the Huachuan container generator set in the mine. In order to facilitate continuous operation for a long time, a large capacity oil tank has been installed in the Huaquan container generator set.

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