Function upgrade, power generation, power storage both wrong! Huaquan energy storage power station opens a new way to use electricity

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        Recently, the energy storage power station specially built by Huaquan Company for customers is about to be shipped, which will open a new way of environmental power supply.



        Huaquan Energy storage Power Station is a new product developed to adapt to market changes, which benefits from strong corporate strength and keen market insight.


        Many customers who use a conventional power station produce more power than their own equipment, which creates surplus power and wastes electricity.


        After learning this situation, Huaquan Company immediately organized research and development force to tackle technical problems. Hard work comes to him who waits! In a short period of time, Huaquan has successfully developed an energy storage power station, which will open up a new way for people to use electricity.



        The Huachuan energy storage power station is a major upgrade to traditional generating units that can not only produce electricity steadily, but also store excess power. This virtuous cycle of power supply will save customers a lot of expenses.


        The picture shows Huaquan 30kW energy storage power station, equipped with 3kW energy storage power independently developed by the company.


        Huaquan 30kW energy storage power station can store excess power into energy storage power supply. Hua Quan 3kW energy storage power supply adopts lithium iron phosphate battery, large capacity to meet the ultra-long endurance, support fast charging and multi-interface output.



        Huaquan 30kW energy storage power station is equipped with self-developed high-speed mobile trailer, with a maximum speed of 80 km/h, equipped with automatic braking system to ensure the safety of power supply.

        The generating power and storage power of Huachuan energy storage power station can be customized according to the needs of users to meet the needs of users in different scenarios.


        Put an end to power waste, please look for Huaquan Energy storage Power Station! For more exciting content, please pay attention to "Hua Quan Group".

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