Export to Russia, resistant to high cold! Huaquan 9 large power container generating units are in hot production

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        Recently, the production of 9 large power container generator sets specially built by Huachuan Company for Russian customers is accelerating.

        In the process of development, Huaquan company adheres to the integrity management, strives for survival by quality and development by reputation, constantly optimizes the working process, strictly controls quality control, and strives to create high-quality user experience.


        The nine large-power container generator sets produced by Huaquan Company are specially customized for customers in Russia's alpine regions, equipped with high-end engines, generators, containers, etc., using Huaquan Cloud intelligent control system, with advantages of stable power supply, environmental emissions, intelligent operation, safety and durability.


        Huaquan adopts advanced management mode and intelligent production equipment to effectively control risks and greatly ensure product quality.

        Huaquan high-power container generator set has to go through dozens of production processes from initial design to trial production, which can only be completed through the cooperation of multiple departments. Among them, if there is a mistake in one link, even a little, will affect the final evaluation results of the unit.


        In order to adapt to the high cold weather, the high-power container generator set of Huaquan adopts flame retardant insulation materials to cover the walls, doors, ceilings and other positions, and installs an indoor heating system to ensure the stable operation of the unit at the appropriate temperature.


        To meet customer needs as their own responsibility, continue to provide customer satisfaction of the generator set is our driving force forward! Huaquan company based on the market needs, focus on product research and development, cast brilliant brand with ingenuity and quality, and contribute to the global power security.


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