Two 2000 kw container diesel generator sets were sent to Xizang, China

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      Let's go and bask in the sun where we're closest to the sky! Recently, Huaquan Company has delivered 2 2000 kw container generating units specially built for customers in Lhasa, effectively guaranteeing the power safety of customers.


      Tibet is the highest place in the country and the closest to the sky. Tibet is high in altitude, thin air, little water vapor content, atmospheric transparency is very good, there are many tourist attractions. When it comes to tourist attractions in Tibet, we have to mention the Potala Palace. It has the magic power to attract tourists from all over the world to visit and play here.


      Two 2000 kw container generating units built by Huaquan Company are about to be sent to Lhasa, the city where the Potala Palace is located, which will provide a strong guarantee for customers' power security.

      Huaquan 2000 kW container generator set is carefully built by a professional research and development team, the overall length is about 13.5 meters, 3 meters wide, 3.3 meters high, with excellent material selection, rich configuration, intelligent operation, environmental emissions and other characteristics, can quickly start when the mains power suddenly interrupted, to protect the power safety of users 24 hours.


      In order to adapt to the high cold weather in Xizang, Huaquan 2000 kw container generating unit adopts flame retardant insulation material to cover the walls, doors, ceilings and other positions, and installs indoor heating system to ensure stable operation of the unit at a suitable temperature.

      In order to ensure the ventilation and heat dissipation effect of the unit, the Huaquan 2000 kw container generator set is equipped with electric shutters, which can automatically adjust the Angle according to the air volume, so as to provide the appropriate temperature for the normal operation of the unit and effectively extend the service life of the unit.


      Huaquan 2000 kw container generator set is equipped with emergency lighting system and security system, which can effectively deal with all kinds of emergencies and comprehensively protect the electric power safety of users.

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