I usually like to go camping on weekends. Is it better to buy a gasoline generator or an outdoor power source?

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Camping seems to be very popular recently. There are a lot of advertisements on camping electricity, and there are few serious strategies. I don't understand it very well. Let me talk about my thinking.

In my opinion, the usage scenarios of generators and outdoor power sources are not the same.

Let me talk about their characteristics first.

1>The function is to generate electricity
2>The volume and weight are generally large.
3> Refueling can continue to output, and the wattage is high.
4> Exhaust gas and noise cause relatively large pollution.
Outdoor backup power
1>The function is to store electricity
2>The volume and weight can be large or small, the mobile power supply can be as small as 100-200g, and the high-wattage outdoor power supply can also have 10kg.
3>It needs to be charged in advance, but there are various charging methods.
4>Quiet, safe and easy to use.

Based on these characteristics, I think there can be different arrangements for different scenarios. Taking into account that you will bring your mobile phone when camping, and you need to charge 1-2 according to the shortest two days and one night, power storage is a must.

1> Camping activities have high-power and high-energy-consuming electrical appliances, such as projectors, game consoles (PS4+portable screens), game notebooks, generators, and no battery anxiety.
2>For group camping, it is recommended to have a generator plus a mobile power supply for each person.
3>Family-scale camping, with few electrical appliances, mainly charging and lighting (mobile phone camera drone switch and low-power notebook), a small and medium outdoor power supply can meet all requirements.
4> Hiking, camping, etc. have high weight requirements and small electrical appliances. It is enough to bring a mobile power supply.

The generator is mainly used to estimate the peak power (for example, although the average power of the refrigerator is not high, the starting power is much higher), and to calculate the fuel consumption. The external power supply needs to estimate the total power demand.

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