Advantages and disadvantages of using backup generators for family RV travel

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If we go for a self-driving tour, the current common way is to use a family car that is simply modified, the so-called bed car, or an RV dedicated for traveling. Many friends are concerned that if the electricity problem is solved, some of them suggest using their own power generation. Machine power supply, so whether it is feasible, let us discuss together.

1. Advantages.

1>Completely solve the troubles of power supply, and you can use electricity freely. This is the biggest advantage of self-provided generator power supply. Many friends buy generators because of this advantage.

2>It takes up small space and is easy to carry. It is much more convenient than carrying a battery to get electricity from its volume to weight, and it is safe to use electricity without worries. The self-provided generator generates power, which perfectly solves the hidden dangers of other power supply methods.

3>The cost of electricity is good and cheap. Self-provided generators consume 0.5 liters of fuel per kilowatt-hour on average, which is equivalent to a cost of about 3 yuan per kilowatt-hour. Although it is much higher than the mains, the cost is quite low compared with other power supply methods and is quite cost-effective.

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2. Disadvantages.

1>Noise problem. At present, all generators on the market, the manufacturer’s so-called noise test standard, specifically refers to the number of decibels at idling speed, and the number of decibels at idling speed at a distance of 6 meters, and those below 55 decibels (approximately loud speaking) are called mute The generator is out. If you use a generator to generate electricity, the loud noise when you put the load on can really cool your heart and make you upset. With good psychological quality, you can endure it during the day. In the dead of night, even the best psychological quality will suffer. No more. This is also the direct reason why many new friends who bought generators want to sell them after using them once.

The generator is noisy. This is a problem that cannot be solved by its own structure, because the generator must not only solve the problem of reducing noise, but also solve the problem of how to dissipate heat. If the noise is closed, the heat dissipation cannot be solved; if the heat dissipation is solved, the noise It cannot be avoided. This is currently an unsolved problem for generators.

2>It smells of gasoline. The generator itself relies on burning gasoline to generate electricity. It has a fuel tank. Even if it is airtight, it will still smell of oil if it is placed in the car. It is good that the motorhome has a separate storage space, but the bed car cannot be completely solved. . Especially during work, the smell of gasoline emitted due to insufficient combustion is even more unacceptable. The smell is sensitive, and the smell of oil can be smelled at a distance of 20 meters. This is also one of the main reasons why people cannot accept generators.

4>The price is generally higher, and the price of ordinary variable frequency generators is more than 800 US dollars.

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3. How to choose.

1>Purchase according to the type of car. If you are traveling in a motorhome, it is recommended to use your own generator. If you are traveling in a bed car, consider it carefully.

2>Purchase according to power consumption. If the power consumption is large and often exceeds the ordinary battery power reserve, then you can consider bringing your own generator. If the power consumption is small, you can simply discard it.

3>Purchase according to the length of parking time. If the parking time in one place is longer, more than three days, it is necessary to prepare a generator. If you stay for a short time, within two days at most, you don't need to consider it.

4>Purchase according to the location of travel. If you go to Xinjiang, Tibet and other high-altitude areas, it is recommended to bring a generator by yourself, because some gas stoves used in the Mainland cannot pass the security check because of frequent security checks, and you have to pass through many uninhabited areas and bring your own generator. Be prepared for it, except that you don’t need to buy it.

4. Precautions for purchasing a backup generator

1>The power should be large rather than small. If the output power is 2000W, a generator above 3000W should be used. The reason is that the large horse-drawn trolley is not laborious, and the noise is relatively low, which can extend the service life.

2>Use variable-frequency generators as much as possible, such generators can automatically adjust the throttle according to the amount of power consumption, without wasting resources.

3>To find the best combination of cost performance, it is necessary to consider both the actual needs and the price range, not only the size of the occupied space, but also whether it is convenient to store and carry. In short, choosing the one that suits you is the best.

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