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Huaquan focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time. It ranks as one of domestic leading and nearly international advanced manufacturers in research & development capability, manufacturing capability and product quality.

  • Has more than 300 employees.

  • With a total investment of 3 billion yuan

  • Covers an area of 40000 square meters

  • Huaquan 1600kw diesel generator set shipped

    Recently, the temperature has been consistently high, and the production workshop of Huaquan Power is also bustling with activity. The staff are busy preparing for shipment. This time, a 1600kw generator set was sent out. The on-site staff conducted a

  • Huaquan Power participates in the Russia In

    The 32nd Russia International Electronic and Power Exhibition opened grandly in Moscow on June 4th. The Huaquan Power team brought the companys flagship series of products and made a brand new appearance, showcasing efficient and energy-saving power g

  • Huaquan participates in the Uzbekistan Elec

    On May 14-16, the Uzbekistan Electricity Exhibition (POWER UZBEKISTAN) opened in Tashkent. Huaquan showcases new products and technologies at the exhibition. On site, the Huaquan generator set attracted the attention of many guests. Huaquan power gene

  • Caring for employees, Huaquan distributes M

    Filial piety comes first. On the occasion of Mothers Day, the company sent sincere blessings to all employees and their mothers in a special way - distributing Mothers Day holiday red envelopes. On the morning of May 11th, the general manager of the company, Zhao Lijuan, represented the company to send red envelopes to every employee, aiming to make every employee feel the companys deep care for them and their families on this special day. Red envelopes are not only a simple symbol of money, but also carry the companys respect and gratitude towards the mothers of employees. Zhao Lijuan said that employees have put in hard work for the development of the company on a daily basis, while their mothers silently support them from behind. On this special day of Mothers Day, the company hopes to distribute red envelopes so that every mother can feel our respect and gratitude. This Mothers Day red envelope made their families feel the deep friendship of the company. It not only strengthens the emotional bond between employees and the company, but also motivates all employees to devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm. In Huaquan, the melody of love and gratitude echoes in this mothers rhythm, becoming a beautiful and warm scenery in the companys development process. I believe that in such an atmosphere full of humanistic care, the company and employees will work together to create a better future.

  • Huaquan's strength in participating in the

    The beauty of April in the world does not disappoint the youth and the times. On April 15th, the 135th Canton Fair opened. At the Canton Fair, Huaquan made its debut with products such as photovoltaic power vehicles and lighthouse units. Photovoltaic

  • The application of Huaquan power generation

    Have you ever thought about how to obtain sufficient and reliable power supply for outdoor construction operations in the construction industry without mains power supply? Water pumps, cranes, welding machines, as well as some small handheld tools and

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