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Huaquan focuses on technical innovation and sustainable development all the time. It ranks as one of domestic leading and nearly international advanced manufacturers in research & development capability, manufacturing capability and product quality.


  • Has more than 300 employees.


  • With a total investment of 3 billion yuan


  • Covers an area of 40000 square meters


  • The advantages of fully automatic painting
  • Huaquan customizes container power stations
  • Huaquan participates in the 2023 China ASEA
  • Selection considerations for diesel generat
  • Function upgrade, power generation, power s
  • Hua Quan invites you to participate in 2023
  • The advantages of fully automatic painting

    In the manufacturing industry, painting is a delicate task, and the surface of equipment relies entirely on painting. Nowadays, customers have increasingly high requirements for the appearance, durability, environmental protection, and details of thei

  • Huaquan customizes container power stations

    Huaquan has customized a container power station for Central Asian customers, and the container power station is currently undergoing intensive debugging. Is using a unit or customization more suitable Unlike traditional open frame generator sets, Huaquan Container Power Station fully utilizes the characteristics of container sealing and integrates various powerful equipment. After sufficient adjustment, it can achieve capabilities that open frame generator sets do not have, mainly thanks to reliable containerized design. Containers may seem simple, but their technological content is not at all low. The container has a novel and beautiful design, and the box adopts integral welding technology, which is different from the common box splicing in the market. The box has been bent multiple times, with good quality, strong compressive strength, and corrosion resistance. In addition, Huaquan Container uses a channel steel frame, which has better shock absorption effect and further increases the working efficiency of the generator set.

  • Huaquan participates in the 2023 China ASEA

    On December 4th, the China (Guangxi) ASEAN Emergency Equipment and Technology Exhibition opened as scheduled in Nanning. Huaquan participated in the 2023 exhibition with multiple companies specializing in emergency equipment (hereinafter referred to as One Exhibition). This exhibition is an important component of the 2023 China ASEAN International Cooperation Forum on Emergency Management (hereinafter referred to as the Conference). Huaquan participated in this years One Exhibition, One Session with multiple products. The products that the company has chosen to exhibit at this time include high-speed trailer emergency generator sets, emergency mobile water pumps, etc. Huaquan booth information: Time: December 4-6, 2023 Location: Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center (No. 196 Minzu Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi) Exhibition Content: Emergency Equipment Booth number: D12-008

  • Selection considerations for diesel generat

    When choosing a diesel generator set , the following factors need to be considered 1. Power demand: Determine the required power based on the power demand of your equipment or facility. 2. Fuel type: Diesel generators use diesel as fuel. Ensure that y

  • Function upgrade, power generation, power s

    Recently, the energy storage power station specially built by Huaquan Company for customers is about to be shipped, which will open a new way of environmental power supply. Huaquan Energy storage Power Station is a new product developed to adapt to ma

  • Hua Quan invites you to participate in 2023

    ELEKTRO 2023 Russia Moscow International Power Exhibition will be held in Moscow Sokoniki International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 6 to 9, Russia, for four days. Hua Quan Group will bring power generation equipment, new energy storage

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