Huaquan generators contribute to the “Belt and Road Initiat

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    Recently, Huaquan’s intelligent and environmentally friendly generator sets tailored for customers in the Middle East have been put into use with good feedback.

    In the Dogobi Desert, the region where customers in the Middle East are located, the weather is dry and hot, which places very strict requirements on the quality of power generation equipment.
In response to this situation, after a dozen days and nights of hard work, the Huaquan R&D team finally developed this new type of intelligent and environmentally friendly power generation equipment that can withstand high temperatures and wind and sand, which fully meets the requirements of customers.
    At present, Huaquan's intelligent environmental protection generator set has been running for 2000 hours without failure. The staff responsible for equipment maintenance praised Huaquan.
    With the help of the “One Belt One Road” Dongfeng, Huaquan closely follows the national strategy, deeply cultivates the key markets of the one belt and one road, and joins hands to lead the development of competition and cooperation in the smart power generation equipment industry, promotes China's smart power generation equipment to go global, and contributes to the national brand and national strategy.
    As a national high-tech enterprise, a gazelle enterprise in Shandong province, a leader in high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong, an advanced enterprise in Weifang Economic Development Zone, Huaquan is a professional manufacturer of intelligent power generation equipment and mobile energy storage equipment and has a professional contractor of construction electromechanical installation engineering Such qualifications have established a good brand image in the international energy equipment market. 

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