How to disassemble the fuel injection pump and governor of the diesel generator?

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    In addition to ordinary tools, the disassembly and assembly of diesel generator fuel injection pump and governor must also use special tools to keep the workplace, workbench, tools, and components clean and sanitary;

    After the diesel generator fuel injection pump and governor are removed, all parts must be cleaned and inspected.

    Decomposition of fuel injection pump components: first remove the fastening splint lead seal, and remove the delivery valve fasteners and delivery valve spring in order. When removing the oil valve assembly, because the nylon gasket of the oil outlet valve is stuck in the pump body with deformation, it must be disassembled with special tools. Then, use the knob to pry up the plunger spring to take out the lower seat of the spring. Loosen the positioning screw of the plunger sleeve, and use a thin iron bar to push the plunger out from top to top. Together with the blocking sleeve, the column-cold coupler can be pulled out from the top.

    Piston valve pair and oil outlet valve joints should not be in contact with burrs, nor can they be disassembled and exchanged. They must be placed in pairs in clean diesel. If only the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is removed, first put the speed control plate in the speed control screw and nut, set up the roller assembly to peel off the contact with the camshaft, and pull out the camshaft from the front end. The rolling bearings at both ends can be pulled out and knocked out with special tools. 

    Decomposition of diesel generator speed control components. First, loosen the control handle, remove the adjusting spring, loosen the nut on the tie rod pin and the firm screw of the rear shell, so that the speed control lever part and the tie rod screw part are separated, and the rear shell and the lever part can be disassembled together. When removing the tie rod screw, the rack pin should be removed first. Screw out the screw plugs at both ends of the speed control rod, push out the lever shaft, and the speed control lever is detachable.

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