China huaquan 360KW gas generator 450KVA natural gas generators 50/60HZ electric start

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About this item

  • Huaquan 360kw gas generator set, dimensions: 3000×1050×1700 (L×W×H mm), unit weight: 2800kg.
  • Yuchai gas engine is used as the power source, and it is equipped with Huaquan high-quality generator. This generator set uses cutting-edge technology Nongguangli, single-point injection, multi-point injection system, etc.
  • With the high-quality control module, it can monitor the combustion status, knock detection, complete system failure detection,etc. in real time, providing a solid foundation for stable operation.
  • The generator is equipped with a dry air filter, gas filter, lubricating oil filter, starter motor, and a self-charged generator. The high-strength bending base can be used for a long time without deformation to ensure stable operation of the unit.
  • The warranty period of the generator set is: 12 months after the acceptance of the unit

Payment method

  • 1、We accept T/T,and 30% as the deposit,the balance payment should be paid before shipping.
  • 2、We accept albaba credit guarantee payment.
  • 3、We accept bank wire payment.




1. The design standard of the biogas unit is 360kW/450kVA, the voltage is 400V, the working frequency is 50Hz, and the power factor is 0.8 (lagging). The biogas engine can work in different methane gas concentration ranges (50-97%) or gas with the same calorific value, producing 100% electricity.  
2. For the generator set running at normal operating temperature, the voltage, frequency change rate and engine recovery time conform to the ISO8528-5 standard, that is, to meet the 25% stepwise sudden load at the beginning, from the 25%-60% load stage Suddenly add 15% of the rated load, add 10% of the rated load from the 60%-80% load stage, and withstand 25% of the sudden load drop.  
   Gas requirements:
   Fuel type         Biogas
   Intake pressure         8Kpa-15Kpa, pressure change rate ≤1Kpa/min
   Methane content          ≥55%
   Low calorific value (LHV)          ≥25MJ/Nm3
   Impurity particle size          ≤5μm, content ≤30mg/nm³
   Sulfide          ≤50mg/Nm3
   Intake air temperature          ≤40℃
   Moisture content          ≤40g/nm3

Note: Demineralized water should be used for the high and low temperature cycles of the engine, and the cooling water should be slightly alkaline clean water, and must not contain corrosive compounds such as chloride, sulfate or acid. The main index requirements are as follows

Hardness 0.7~5.3me/L
Chloride ion content <150mg/L
PH value7~8.5
   The generator is a synchronous generator, four-outlet, closed connection type, and the shrapnel is directly driven. The generator is equipped with a brushless rotating magnetic field.
   The generator should be closed and installed on the engine and the main rotor should be installed on the engine flywheel, using a flexible drive disc to ensure permanent alignment.
   The generator is an open waterproof drip design and is equipped with a protective device, manufactured according to IEE, NEMA MG-1-22 and IP23 standards, single bearing, raised electrode, rotating magnetic field, synchronous damping winding coil and 2/3 pitch The stator coil produces the most ideal voltage waveform.
   Protection level of forming winding and coastal climate, using vacuum pressure dipping process. The stator coil should be 2/3 pitch. The rotor and stator coils should be fully reinforced to withstand phase-to-phase and ground-to-phase failures.
   All insulation systems should be Class H of NEMA MG-1 standard. The stator has two dipping and drying (according to Class H insulation requirements).
It is a solid-state electronic type, voltage/Hz type, three-phase voltage sensing to maintain the voltage within the following range:
Steady-state voltage regulation: ±0.5%, under any constant load (from zero load to full load).
Voltage adjustment rate: ±5.0% in the no-load state, the maximum and minimum voltage adjustment rate.
Filtering: The telephone influence factor is less than 50.
When over-excitation exceeds ten seconds, the voltage regulator should have over-excitation protection to turn off the generator output.
The voltage regulator has KVAR/PF control and runs in parallel with the grid.
Noise and vibration
Each gas generator set is equipped with an exhaust muffler designed and manufactured by self-processing to minimize the exhaust noise of the gas generator set. Principle dynamic design, lower temperature. Between the biogas engine, the brushless generator and the base of the generator set, and between the unit and the chassis, a shock absorber with shock absorption function is configured to minimize the vibration generated by the operation of the unit.
Exhaust emissions (purchase separately according to local environmental protection)
At the exhaust outlet of the biogas generator set, a tail gas purification system is configured to ensure that the tail gas meets the emission standards.
Wastewater and others
During the operation of the unit, no waste water is discharged; the replaced old lubricating oil is treated centrally and will not cause pollution.
Strong gas adaptability NG, LPG, biogas, syngas, gas
Strong flexibility The control function and interface are perfect, which can easily achieve the balance of project requirements
Durability All fuel valves are designed to be resistant to corrosive gases, with high durability and reliability.The strategy has a correction function, and the emission durability is good
Transient response capability

High-speed motor-controlled gas control device with fast transient response capability.Optimized boost pressure control, while taking into account the stability while responding quickly.The system can be adapted to the main power electric drilling rig in the oil field.The system can be adapted to the main power mechanical drilling rig in the oil field

Engineering supporting capacity Matching experience of control system and engine Can be developed according to customer's special needs

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