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80kw Mobile silent Generator Prices Electric Motor Fuel Less Three Phase

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  • Huaquan diesel generator set is 80 kilowatts, the unit size is 1850×850×1700 (L×W×H mm), and the unit weight is 850kg. Low noise and easy placement.
  • Using DC24V electric start and electronic speed regulation, the unit has good transient speed regulation performance and strong loading capacity.
  • The AC synchronous generator is matched with the direct injection internal combustion engine to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit and protect your production and life.
  • The unit has strong adaptability. It is equipped with a radiator water tank suitable for the environment of 40℃-50℃, a belt-driven cooling fan, a fan safety shield, etc. to ensure the safe operation of the unit.
  • The steel base of the unit is shared to improve the versatility of the parts and expand the performance of the unit.
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Product Overview

HUAQUAN 80kw diesel generator
  Technical parameters of diesel gen erator set
Generator set model:HQ80GF Steady state voltage adjustment rate (%):≤± 1
Generator power:80kW/100kVA Voltage fluctuation rate (%):≤ ± 0.5
Power factor:COSΦ = 0.8 (lagging) Transient voltage adjustment rate (%):+20 ~-15
Output voltage:400V/230V Voltage stabilization time (s):≤1
Generator set current:144A Steady state frequency adjustment rate (%):≤ ± 1
Rated frequency:50Hz Frequency fluctuation rate (%):≤ ± 0.5
Rated speed:1500rpm Transient frequency adjustment rate (%):+ 10 ~ -7
Fuel grade:(standard) 0 # light diesel (normal temperature) Frequency stabilization time (S):≤3
Diesel generator size:2150*830*1480 (L*W*H mm) Diesel generator fuel consumption (100% load):224g/kW·h
Diesel generator weight:950kg Diesel generator volume(LP7m):95dB(A)
  Technical parameters of diesel engine
Diesel engines brand:DCEC engine Cooling method: Closed water-cooling
Diesel engines model: 6BT5.9-G2 Oil supply method: direct injection
Engine cylinder number: 6 / L Type Speed regulation method: Mechanical
Bore stroke: 102*120mm Intake method: Natural inhalation
Compression ratio: 17.5:1 Overload capacity: 110%
Start method:DC 24V Electric start Diesel engines Speed: 1500rpm
  Technical parameters of generator
Generator brand:Huaquan Brushless Generator Protection level:IP22
Generator Model:HQF-80 Wiring mode:Three-phase four-wire, Y-connection
Generator power: 80kW/100kVA Adjustment method: AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator)
Rated voltage: 400V / 230V Output frequency: 50Hz
Insulation class: H class Output factor: COSΦ = 0.8 (lag)
  Genset standard features
  1)、Direct injection internal combustion engine(Diesel);
  2)、AC synchronous generator(Single Bearing);
  3)、Water Radiator design for 40-45℃ Ambient belt-driven fans and guards;
  4)、Generation output air switch、Standard control panel;
  5)、Steel common base with shock absorber;
  6)、Dry-type air filter fuel filter,oil filter、starting motor、Self-charging alternator;
  7)、starter battery and connecting cables;
  8)、Industrial 9dB muffler and accessories;
  9)、The engine and alternator’s original technical papers,manuals and testing reports ship with GenSet;
  Optional accessories(Extra charged)
  1)、Engine oil、diesel、water jacket、Anti-condensation heater
  2)、Battery floating charger
  3)、Self-protection unit/self-starting control panel
  4)、Tree-remote control panel
  5)、ATS AUTO-loaded transferring screen
  6)、Daily fuel tank、Integral fuel tank
  7)、Waterproof type(Cabinet)
  8)、Mobile trailer(Drip proof)
  9)、Mobile trailer(Silent type)
2. High pressure oil pump
The fuel injection pump is one of the main components of the engine
Huaquan engine mainly uses Wuxi Weifu oil pump、Beijing Tianwei Oil Pump、Longkou Steyr Oil Pump、Nanyue Hengyang oil pump and so on.
3. Cooling water tank

Closed water tank, high heat dissipation efficiency Cooling protection, integrated design

4. Electronic regulator
YC4D85Z-D20 standard
No need to manually adjust the throttle,The electronic regulator automatically adjusts the throttleStable speed, stable voltage and fuel saving.
5. ECU central control unit
YC4D80-D34、YC4D90-D34 Standard
The diesel is atomized, mixed with the air in the combustion chamber, and injected into the combustion chamber according to a certain pressure, time, and rate of fire, to achieve the effect of precise fuel injection, lower fuel consumption, higher fuel utilization, and meet the national three emission standards ,energy saving.      
6.Camel battery
2S maintenance-free series
Low self-discharge rate -30℃ low temperature start Good electrical conductivity Improved starting power  Strong power and long life high strength                               
7. Damping block
Adopt rubber car type shock absorber to reduce the vibration of the unit, reduce the damage to the parts and prolong the service life of the unit. The double screw design is stable and more durable, and prevents loosening during operation, and reduces the noise caused by vibration.               
8. Pure copper brushless motor
  Strong power and lengthened silicon core
  Pure copper brushless motor
  Stronger conductivity, eliminating the shortcomings of brush motors that often replace carbon brushes or do not generate electricity for a long time 
  Maintenance-free, stable operating voltage, and sufficient power output.
9. Plastic spray base frame
  5mm thick channel steel base frame,multi-fold bending, enhance the ability to withstand impact.   Independent research and development of the chassis shape, unique gaps, effectively prevent water accumulation.   Pickling and phosphating before spraying greatly extend the service life compared to direct spraying.  
LED digital display large screen at a glance,Accurate display,Real-time monitoring of the working status of the unitone-button start,Convenient.Quadruple protection of low oil pressure, high water temperature, high oil temperature and overload

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