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On February 25, the big five Banks announced that mobile bank transfer money will be free of charge. Have you noticed?
According to CCTV reported financial: industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China, bank of China, China construction bank, bank of communications five Banks announced today, in succession from now on to the customer by phone bank for the transfer and remittance, both an inter-bank or beyond the free fee.
It also promises to be free of charge for transferring funds to the RMB online bank in China within 5, 000 yuan.
Another, according to the securities times, February 25, in industry, agriculture, building, bank of five to be held in Beijing "in order to strengthen the management of accounts, advancing the pratt &whitney financial" joint signing ceremony and news release, the China association for payment and settlement, and including the post office bank, minsheng bank, bank of Beijing, Beijing rural commercial bank, bank of electronic retailing, small Banks, commercial Banks on behalf of the nine witnessed the signing activity on the day.
Conference, five big Banks agree, the five Banks has covered the individual customer group of the most widely in our country, have the responsibility, have a duty to take the lead in response to and carry out the national call to better regulate financial order, provide the customers with the pratt &whitney, safe and convenient bank account service.
In addition, the five elements also jointly promote implement pratt & finance, strengthen bank individual account management to the society and the banking financial institutions issued initiative, implement the notice of the people's bank of requirements, perfecting the internal account management, deepen trade cooperation, open in earnestly implement the system on the basis of personal bank account, to provide customers with more open, convenient, safe and connectivity of the bank account service.
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