Huaquan 300kW marine generator set was sent to the Maldives.

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        A 300kW marine generator set has been specially built for a tuna processing company in the Maldives. It has now completed the national professional inspection and is ready to be sent abroad.
        Huaquan has a strong R&D team and advanced production technology, and continuously introduces marine generator sets that meet international standards to effectively ensure the power safety of market users.
        Let's take a look at this Huaquan 300kW marine generator set in detail.
        Huaquan’s 300kW marine generator set is used as a backup power source on the ship, with a length of about 2.6 meters, a width of about 1 meter, and a height of about 1.5 meters. It has the advantages of high quality, rich configuration, and strong environmental adaptability, and it continuously outputs stable power for users.
 Huaquan 300kW marine generator set strictly implements quality management system standards in material selection, assembly, and commissioning, and guarantees product quality from multiple links. It has now obtained the CCS certificate and ship inspection certificate.
huaquan 300kw marine  diesel generator
        There are some differences between marine generator sets and land-use generator sets, and some personalized configurations are selected according to the different use environments. Let's take the cooling system as an example.
        Land-use generator sets are often cooled by fan water tanks, while Huaquan’s 300kW marine generator sets use sea-fresh water heat exchangers. There are two main reasons for this choice: one is because the external circulation of seawater is used to cool the internal circulation of freshwater, which is more effective for marine use; the other is because the air circulation in the cabin is not smooth, which is not conducive to the fan The water tank dissipates heat.
        In addition, Huaquan marine generator sets have excellent performance in waterproof, moisture-proof, salt-alkali-proof, impact resistance, and anti-turbulence, and can operate stably in complex environments.
        Huaquan marine generator sets are mainly used as the main power supply or emergency power supply for various ships. They have a wide range of power and high-cost performance. They are widely used in rivers, lakes, and coastal small and medium-sized fishing boats, tugboats, passenger ships, freighters, cruise ships, ferries, etc. Class ships, escort the safety of electrical power of ships.
        Huaquan marine generator sets sell well at home and abroad, and have won a good reputation with excellent product quality and perfect service. In the next step of work, Huaquan will continue to deepen the field of marine generator sets, combined with specific application details, to provide customers with personalized options, so that customers can choose the most matching and high-quality power products.

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