The second World Internal Combustion Engine Conference was h

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    On the afternoon of April 21, the 2nd World Internal Combustion Engine Convention and Exhibition opened at Jinan Shungeng International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Green, Efficient, Intelligent, and Reliable", this conference will discuss the hotspots and difficulties of technology around the goal of "Carbon Peak and Carbon Neutral", which will inject new impetus into the power generation equipment industry powered by internal combustion engines.
Diagram of the 2nd World Internal Combustion Engine Conference
   The exhibition attracted more than 200 domestic and foreign companies and universities to take part, with a large scale and many exhibits, including the latest technology research results of the industry such as new internal combustion engine products, diversified new power systems, parts, and lubricants.
   The internal combustion engine industry and the power generation equipment industry are interrelated and reinforcing. The technological progress of internal combustion engines provides strong power support for the power generation equipment industry; the rapid development of the power generation equipment industry has given birth to innovations in internal combustion engines.
   Huaquan has been involved in the power generation equipment industry for more than ten years and has maintained a good development relationship with many domestic and foreign internal combustion engine manufacturers. With the help of all walks of life, Huaquan power generation equipment is sold at home and abroad.
   Huaquan’s flagship product, intelligent integrated power station, integrates innovative power station products using integrated information technology, network communications, integrated circuits, advanced manufacturing, and other technologies, including standard units, silent power stations, on-board power stations, trailer power stations, and Cabin power stations, etc., can be customized according to customer needs and provide integrated power solutions.
   Huaquan attaches great importance to scientific research and innovation, launches new products, and has undertaken several municipal scientific research projects, and has achieved rich scientific research results. At present, our company has a total of 159 intellectual property certificates, including 13 invention patents, 24 utility models, 20 design patents, 43 software copyrights, and 11 integrated circuit layout design rights.
  This conference attracted global attention and allowed everyone to focus on the technological progress of the internal combustion engine industry, which laid the foundation for the high-quality development of the internal combustion engine supporting industry including Huaquan Power Generation Equipment.

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