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HuaQuanPower generator set generator set maintenance personnel hole Master is a good at discovering problems, analysis problems, solve problems, he put several years of attention to the installation of generators summed up a few points to remind you in the installation of Weifang standby generators need to pay attention to several points: 

1, the use of lubricants, different specifications of the lubricant is strictly prohibited mixing;
2, Standby type Weifang generator should be installed in good ventilation, heat dissipation of dust-free places;

3, Standby type Weifang generator should be installed smoothly, fixed at the foot of the unit shall be installed not less than 2 cm rubber shock absorber;
4, the Power generation unit is normally used according to the rated power 80% ;
5, diesel generator set starting battery needs regular inspection and maintenance, generally check 1 times in a day;
6, the first use must carry load in 50% above, not more than 80%, after the running-in operation, can be put into normal use;
7, in cold weather, should first use antifreeze coolant or stop cooling and then open all water release valve, lest the body is frozen crack;
8, diesel generator sets need to change the oil regularly, generally every use of the hour will be replaced once;
9, Diesel generator Sets If the time does not generate electricity, it is best to open in the days of diesel generator set more than minutes, The minimum temperature of the diesel engine to more than.
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