What are the precursors of the Weifang power generating unit

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Weifang generator because will accelerate in a work circulation, lead to heat up. It is easy to failure. Weifang generator in the event of a failure when there are some precursors, grasp the knowledge can avoid a lot of unnecessary loss. We introduce three kinds of common failure usually occurred in what precursors before:

The beginning of the fall valve cylinder:

Valve into the cylinder, usually because the valve rod broken, valve spring break, valve spring seat craze, valve lock clamp fall off wait for a reason. When cylinder head area "dangdang" tapping (touch piston valve), "there is a" friction touch valve (piston) or other abnormal sound, engine working instability, often is the precursor of valve fell cylinder, then parked immediately, otherwise it will be destroyed piston, cylinder head and cylinder liner, or even top curved rod, break the body, snap the crankshaft.

An early sign of tile burning:

Speed suddenly drops in small diesel generators, load, engine smoke, oil pressure drop, send out "chirp" dry friction in the crankcase, this was the beginning of the tile burning. Meet this kind of situation should be immediately to weifang generator outage, otherwise it will further aggravate the bearing wear, shaft neck surface scratch sticky rapidly expand, bearing and shaft neck, will soon be felt, holding in death of the engine.
An early sign of dao cylinder:

Dao cylinder is a destructive larger mechanical failure, in addition to the valve fall caused dao cylinder cylinder, is mostly caused by connecting rod bolt loose back. Connecting rod bolt loose back or after stretching, connecting rod bearing fit clearance increases, then the crankcase parts can hear "clicking" tapping, tapping change from small to big, the connecting rod bolt completely fall off or broken, connecting rod and bearing cap out, break the small diesel generator body and related parts.

The beginning of the glue cylinder:

Stick cylinder in diesel engine under the condition of severe water shortages, glue cylinder engine before operation, water temperature table indicate more than 100 ℃, to drop a few drops of cold water on the body, have "hiss" sound, and white smoke, water droplets evaporate quickly. At this time should be to keep the engine temperature or idle operation to reduce the car's speed, if immediately shut down, will cause the piston and cylinder liner cylinder.

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