Epidemic prevention and production are both correct.

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     Recently, in the face of the surging new crown pneumonia epidemic, Huaquan Group, under the leadership of Chairman Zhao Lizeng, resolutely implemented the government's epidemic prevention and control policies, insisted on coordinating epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and gave full play to the industrial economy's impact on urban development and epidemic prevention. control protection.

    The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 disrupted the normal production rhythm of enterprises and brought great challenges to the operation and development of enterprises. However, with the strong support and help of government departments, Huaquan Group quickly resumed work and production and carried out various production and operation activities in an orderly manner on the premise of fully preventing and controlling the epidemic.


Disinfectant, alcohol, masks and other anti-epidemic materials


    To ensure the completion of production orders as scheduled, Huaquan Group held a special meeting on enterprise epidemic prevention and control to make arrangements for the next step of epidemic prevention and control and safe production. The meeting requested that all departments of Huaquan Group should take epidemic prevention and control as the primary task, and actively cooperate with governments at all levels to implement various prevention and control measures to ensure a good start in the first quarter.
    According to the requirements of the meeting, Huaquan Group immediately launched the epidemic prevention and control work plan, established and improved the epidemic prevention and control work system, strictly checked the health status of returning personnel, prepared protective materials, and personnel, carried out comprehensive disinfection of the factory area, and actively strengthened epidemic prevention and control. Control knowledge publicity to ensure that employees on the job have the correct knowledge of protection.

Checking staff wearing masks

    Now is the peak production season, and the market demand for Huaquan emergency equipment products continues to increase? Huaquan Group is located in Weifang Economic Development Zone and specializes in the development and production of emergency power generation equipment, energy storage power supply, and flood control and drought relief pump equipment. It has been sold to countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, and Southeast Asia, successfully opening a new model of high-quality development.

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