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Development record


In 5, tang of guangxi yuchai group came to our company.The two sides exchanged warm and friendly exchanges and reached consensus on the technical upgrading and marketing of the yuchai power generation group.

In 2, the production scale was expanded, the production line of the small unit was introduced, the new workshop was updated and the production process was further standardized.


In 1, The name is shandong hua quan power co., LTD

In 4, Take part in the dubai international electric power show, and get a lot of big overseas orders.

In 7, Participate in the tanzanian international power exhibition, promote the promotion of the company yuchai power unit and other core products.

In 8, In order to realize the intelligent age of the generator set industry, we have invested a lot of money to build the "China full cloud intelligent service platform".

In 11,Shandong hua quan power co., LTD. Is officially listed, and has landed in the qilu equity trading center


In 1,The production base was modernized and upgraded because of the second relocation of the production scale.

In 5, The company participates in the Shanghai international power exhibition.

In 6,An order of 114 sets of units and 14 large power generating sets, the number of single sales machine and the total number of sales are the first.

In 8, In the design of the product, we have been able to apply for several practical patents.

In 12,By shandong province science and technology department, financial department of shandong province, state tax bureau of shandong province, shandong province local taxation bureau identified as high-tech enterprises in shandong province, the annual sales achieved over hundred million.


In 1, With the authorization of OEM manufacturers such as yuchai and weichai, we will integrate the product line and gradually move toward the middle and high end.

In 4, The platform is full of online platform, enterprise website, official flagship store various channels to display enterprise image.

In 5, The product will be upgraded to strengthen high-end brand products such as Volvo and cummins.


In 2, The ministry of international trade has been established to acquire the right to import and export, expand the foreign trade market, and the number of foreign customers has increased.

In 10, Export countries cover the Middle East, southeast Asia, South America and Africa, and increase brand influence in foreign markets.


In 6, For the first time, the hardware of the company has been upgraded.

In 12, Thanks to innovations in the online marketing model, annual sales have hit a new high.


In 5, Zhao Lizeng general manager in the face of fierce market competition and the severe economic crisis, contrarian, surging ahead, in front of the powerful competitors, after dozens of days and nights, divergent thinking, instead, was formally established in network marketing, embark on a journey of network marketing.

In 11, The combination of online marketing and marketing has yielded results, and sales have doubled.


On Oct. 13, weifang huaquan power machinery co., LTD., was born in a sunny day, sow the seeds of hope, stirring in the kite capital of the main business for research and development manufacturing generator set.

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